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    Terms and Conditions

    Terms and conditions

    Legal Terms

    This notice contains the legal terms and conditions governing the rahostore.co.uk website. By accessing the rahostore.co.uk site, Users agree to accept and agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions contained in this statement. Rahostore.co.uk reserves the right to ask Users who do not accept or intend to abide by these terms to refrain from using the rahostore.co.uk website. Access to the site and its services is intended for personal use only. Viewing the rahostore.it website provides Customers with information about the proposed products along with the possibility of purchasing them. These legal terms are obligatory for the use and purchase through the Site rahostore.it and form a contract between the Customer and Raho 1963 srl, based in Via Principessa Jolanda 19, 73013, Galatina(LE).


    Ownership - Copyright and trademark

    rahostore.it and all its content is the property of Raho 1963 srl. This includes documentation, images, fonts, design, music, software, code and format scripts. The material contained on the website is protected by copyright. Any reproduction, alteration, transmission, publication or redistribution to third parties for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without express written consent provided by Raho 1963 ltd. Raho 1963 srl prohibits the use of the content or trademarks on the site for any purpose or ends other than those mentioned above.


    Availability of Items

    The assortment on rahostore.co.uk reflects the exact availability of each item by size and color. In fact, the website is linked to all stores and all warehouses belonging to Raho 1963 srl. As an authorized dealer of all brands on the site, rahostore.it guarantees the authenticity of each item. Once the order request is received, the rahostore.it Orders Department reserves the right to reconfirm the availability of the purchased items, the validity of the credit card transaction and to verify the details of previous transactions made by the Customer on rahostore.it. In the event that the ordered items are not available, or if for some reason the order cannot be processed as per the Customer's request, the rahostore.it Orders Department will promptly notify the Customer. 


    Fulfillment of orders

    Raho 1963 ltd reserves the right to refuse orders or refuse to provide services to anyone at any time.


    Raho 1963 srl has created and published the rahostore.it website with the purpose of offering a service exclusively for its Customers. The products for sale on the rahostore.it website are intended for the End Consumer. By Final Consumer, Raho 1963 srl means a natural person acting for purposes unrelated to his or her business or professional, legal activity that is not limited to the resale of goods purchased on rahostore.it


    Requirements of customers

    To place orders on rahostore.it Customers must: 

    - Be the end customer from as defined in rahostore.it's Commercial Policy. 

    - Be at least 18 years old. 

    - Possess the necessary requirements to enter into legally binding contracts. 

    - Have a valid E-mail address. 

    - Possess a valid credit card for payment: Visa, Diners, American Express, Postepay or a Verified PayPal account or bank account


    Declination of responsibility

    Raho 1963 ltd publishes information on its site in order to provide a service to its customers, however, it disclaims any responsibility regarding the possibility of any technical or factual inaccuracies and/or typographical errors for which immediate correction is expected upon notification. 

    Raho 1963 srl also reserves the right to make corrections and changes to the site whenever it deems necessary without giving prior notice. 

    Raho 1963 srl makes no warranty as to the conformity of the information published on its site with the laws provided for by the jurisdiction of the country of residence of the Customer. 

    Raho 1963 srl disclaims any liability relating to any problems, damages or risks that the user may encounter while using the site. 

    Raho 1963 srl guarantees that its site www.rahostore.it is protected according to the international standards provided for the Internet. If used correctly, the User is protected from the risk of viruses. 

    Raho 1963 ltd disclaims any responsibility regarding any malfunctions related to the deactivation of cookies in the User's browser. 

    Raho 1963 srl reserves the right to amend/revise the terms and conditions contained in this legal notice, through an update of the same, whenever it considers it appropriate, without any obligation to give prior notice. 

    Online Shopping

    To place an order, Customers can log in or, if they do not yet have an account, they can register on our site.

    Registration requires the entry of personal data (first name, last name, address, country, etc.) useful for the proper handling and processing of the order. This information remains strictly confidential and in no way disclosed (for further details, please see the site's "Privacy Policy").

    Customers will receive updates on order status via e-mail. Specifically, they will receive emails regarding:

    1. Confirmation of receipt of the order

    2. The confirmation of payment

    3. The confirmation of shipment of the order containing the tracking number



    Customers can make payment by:

    - Credit card

    - Paypal


    Direct orders to Europe are not subject to additional taxes and fees.


    Credit Card.

    Payments by Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners, American Express, JCB are accepted.

    It is necessary to enter your credit card details in order to proceed with the purchase of products. This data is processed by a secure electronic system aimed at not dispersing and not allowing the acquisition of information by third parties.

    If the credit card is valid and sufficient funds are present, payment will be immediate.

    Any delays in processing the order may be due to verification of credit card validity or fraud checks.

    Following such checks, Raho 1963 Ltd. reserves the right not to process the order and not to follow up on the transaction.



    Customers can make payment through their Paypal account. rahostore.co.uk may refuse to send orders to an address other than the one registered on the Paypal account.

    Any delays in the shipment of the order may depend on an audit of the transaction.

    Following such a check, Raho 1963 srl reserves the right not to process the order and not to follow up on the transaction.



    Italian regulations

    Users who access this site declare that they accept that all matters relating to the use of the rahostore.it Web site are governed by the current legislation of the Italian State. Raho 1963 srl does not guarantee in any way that the content of the site complies with the regulations in force in other countries. Access to the rahostore.it Web site from places where its contents are considered illegal is expressly prohibited. Users who decide to access the site from such countries are fully aware of the legal consequences and penalties they risk incurring and will be solely responsible for compliance with local laws.